The Observatory, located in the eastern part of the Dome Hill, is one of the most modest architectural monuments in the Dome Hill ensemble of the university buildings and among the architect Johann Wilhelm Krause’s (1757 Alam-Sileesia − 1828 Tartu) (1757 Lower Silesia – 1828 Tartu) buildings. Krause had studied a little of theology, drawing and architecture. His esthetic taste developed primarily in the period when he lived in Dresden, in the town where German classical architecture was born. Krause had been a technician in the army of Prussia, and a drawer of maps in America. He came to Livonia as a home teacher in 1784. Beside teaching, he was dealing with park architecture, copied printed graphic art which he bought in the bookshops of Riga, worked as an architect in the manorial ensemble of Alūksne and the manor of Kizbele which was his own property designing all the living quarters and outhouses. Krause came to Tartu thanks to his family relations: he had married the sister of the wife of the future Rector of the University Georg Friedrich Parrot (1767 Mömpelgard – 1852 St. Petersburg). In January 1806 Krause was elected Professor Ordinary of Economics, Forestry, Technology and Civil Architecture and nominated the head of the University Construction Committee. He occupied the post of the professor until his death in 1828. The initial designs of the university main building, the anatomical theatre, the library, the clinic, the observatory were completed within a period of about one and a half month.