The University Park

At the end of the 18th century Tartu was deleted from the register of fortified towns and in 1799 the Emperor Paul I presented the Dome Hill, used until then by garrison, to the university which was reopened in 1802. One after another, university study blocks were erected on the Dome Hill (the Clinic – 1804, the Anatomical Theatre – 1805, the Library – 1806, the Observatory – 1810) and on the former pasture land of the citizen’s cattle a beautiful park was laid out. At present the former Clinic houses the Estonian Supreme Court, the Library, the Anatomical Theatre and the Observatory live a new life as museums.

The university park on the Dome Hill in 1827 (Die Kaiserliche Universität zu Dorpat: fünfundzwanzig Jahre nach ihrer Gründung : Dorpat MDCCCXXVII. Hrsg. J. P. G. Ewers. Dorpat, Schünmann, 1827)
Tartu with its environs. Architect Krause’s scetch of 1819. The meridian passing Tartu observatory is in the drawing (EAA. 402-5-58. P. 73).