The castle of Polish and Swedish vice-regents

The rule of bishops came to an end when the Russian troops conquered the town in 1558 and deported the population to Russia. In 1582 Tartu was occupied by Poles. Allowed by the King of Poland, in 1583 the Jesuits arrived in Tartu. At the foot of the Dome Hill near St. Mary`s church they established their educational establishment, the Jesuit College. The Bishop’s Castle was used as a residence of Polish and after 1629 Swedish vice-regents. In 1629 Southern Estonia was handed over to Sweden according to the Altmark Peace Treaty. On the slopes of the Dome Hill the dwelling houses for the soldiers of garrison and the professors of the university, Academia Gustaviana (founded in 1632), were built. In 1667 the castle was destroyed by a fire.

The drawing of Tartu in the 17th century from the collection of the chronicler Thomas Hjärne (LVVA. 214-6-162)