The Bishop`s castle of Tartu

In 1224 Tartu became the residence of Bishop Hermann. The bishops of Tartu were on the Dome Hill until 1561. The bishop’s castle was also built here. On its ruins the Tartu Observatory was later erected. On the other side of the Dome Hill the magnificent Dome Church which was destroyed in the course of smashing of statues and images in churches after Reformation in 1525. Tartu during the bishopric was a rich hanseatic town, the welfare of which was primarily based of the trade with Russia. Diplomatic presents were also exchanged. It is known that in 1534 on the Dome Hill of Tartu two exotic animals met. The Russian Prince had sent the Bishop a strange animal from Tatarstan – the camel. The Bishop sent his present in return – even a stranger animal from the New World – America – the turkey.

Tartu in the year 1553, the reconstruction (Baltisches Historisch-geographisches Kalender 1908)
Stone carvings from the building site of the observatory found in 1809 (Brotze, Estonica. 2006. P. 282).