Wilhelm Struve published the catalogue of more than 3.000 binary and multiple stars.

With the use of the new powerful telescope the world of binary stars opened up before astronomers: several stars seen with a naked eye turned out to be binary stars in the telescope. The binary stars were important objects for the astronomers to investigate the evolution of stars and also to determine the mass of stars. At the Struve`s time the study of the evolution of stars in the present-day understanding was not researched but the elements of the orbit of binary stars were measured. Until today the catalogue of binary stars compiled by Struve has scientific value because it allows the researchers to determine the mass of stars through the orbit and the period of revolving. The data about the binary star have been received as a result of the long-term observation mainly with the Fraunhofer refractor.

First part of the catalogue of binary stars, 1827
A part of the map of the sky in Struve’s catalogue of binary stars