Jaan Einasto presented his discovery of the honeycomb structure of the Universe.

In 1977 the first big international event of astronomers took place in Estonia (Tallinn) hosting numerous foreign guests – the 79th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) “The large-scale structure of the Universe” where Jaan Einasto with his colleagues presented the discovery of the large-scale cell structure of the Universe (the so-called honeycomb structure) which was based on the special distribution of galaxies and their systems.

The 79. symposium of IAU „The large-scale structure of the universe“ in Tallinn. In the photo J. Peebles, G. Abell, M. Longair and J. Einasto (the photo from academician Jaan Einasto’s private collection)
The spatial division of galaxies (Tähetorni kalender 2003)