The University of Tartu Museum has a council that consists of 9 members whose job is to make sure the Museum’s development plan is compatible with the University’s development plan, confirm the work schedule and budget of the Museum, and choose the research staff of the Museum. The Council meets at least two times a year.

The members of the council shall be approved by the Rector of the University of Tartu based on the recommendations of the Vice-Rector for Development for a period of five years.

The Council consists of:

  • Representatives of the four research areas (medicina, realia et naturalia, humaniora and socialia)

  • A representative of the city of Tartu

  • Four members proposed by the Vice-Rector for Development

Vice-Rector for Development, Director of University of Tartu Natural History Museum and Botanical Gardens and Diretof of University of Tartu Museum take part from the council meetings.

Members of the Council (until 13.04.2018):


Erki Tammiksaar    

Senior Researcher of the History of Geography at the Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences of the University of Tartu Faculty of Science and Technology



Andres Arend

Head of the Department of Anatomy of the University of Tartu Faculty of Medicine, Professor of Histology and Embryology

Marju Luts-Sootak

Assitant Director of the School of Law of the University of Tartu Faculty of Social Sciences, Professor of Legal History

Juhan Maiste

Head of the Department of Art History of the University of Tartu Faculty of Philosophy, Professor of Art History

Pilvi Kolk

Board Member of AHHAA Science Centre

Kertu Saks

Director of Estonian National Museum

Krista Aru

Director of the University of Tarty Library

Marianne Menning

Deputy Head of the Department of Culture of Tartu City Government

Marju Reismaa

Adviser (Museums) of the Ministry of Culture