Photo collection

The Photograph collection (F) consists of photos depicting the activities and persons affiliated with the University of Tartu and materials relating to the history of education and culture in Estonia. The earliest of these are educator and cultural figure Julius v. Schröder’s (1808–1888) photo album containing portraits of the students and lecturers of the University of Tartu and public figures of the Estonian national awakening (dated from 1860), student organisations’ photo albums from the 19th century (korp! Estonia album (v. Hueck) and albums-journals with photos (since 1863)).

The glass stereo negatives of Tartu and its surroundings as well as the pre-revolutionary views of St Petersburg and the Russian frontier (from the collections of botanist Sukachev and medic Jaan Ruga) originate from the turn of the 19th century (1896–1901). A chronicle of 20th century university life can be seen on the negatives in the collections of photographer Elmar Kald (1898–1969) and the University of Tartu Cinema and Photo Laboratory (1948–1998, photographer Eduard Sakk et al).

The Museum’s science photo collection is unique in Estonia and, therefore, of international importance. It contains photos of patients’ illnesses and diseases made in the University of Tartu Surgery Clinic and Medical Clinic (1860–1924) as well as an anthropologically significant glass negative collection of men of the Baltic provinces from the turn of the 19th and 20th century.

The digital photos depict the University buildings (old and new study halls, renovations, changes in interior), events and the Museum’s activities.