Historical collection

The historical collection (Aj) contains the University’s seals, medals coined for important persons and events, University insignia, gifts and mementos from special days.

Colourful student life is depicted through the objects of the student organisations, Estonian Student Building Brigade insignia, samples of the student uniforms and much more.

The collection also contains materials from the Univerity’s academic performing art groups (male and female choirs, folk ensemble) and the three Baltic Student’s Song Festivals (Gaudeamus), including the materials of conductor and composer Richard Ritsing (1903–1994).

The training materials (boards, diapositives, slides) on display are complemented by visual aid machines (epidiascopes).

The collection also introduces Estonia’s richest collection of early photographic devices (cameras, studio equipment from the 1920s) and the interior of the University buildings (lights, communication devices, furniture).