Invite the Crazy Scientist to your school!

The Crazy Scientist is back from his long travels and is ready to share his knowledge in your school as well as in his office. The Crazy Scientist and his assistants travel through the schools of Estonia to conduct exciting science experiments together.

The interactive programme lasts 45 minutes and is most suitable for 1st and 2nd level middle school students. The programme focuses on four main topics: science, weather and climate, water and its properties, motion. The programme is full of hands-on practical activities and participants will find answers to the following questions:

  • What is science and how do you do it?

  • How do different meteorological phenomena come to be?

  • Why do the seasons change?

  • How cold is cold?

  • What does water consist of?

  • Can we use steam to make things move?

  • How do people and machines move?



Crazy Scientist Experiment, minimum length

(includes two 45-minute experiments)

200 €

Crazy Scientist Experiment, length: 45 minutes

(starting from three or more 45-minute experiments)

90 €

The price does not include transportation, which is 0.36€/km. The final transportation price depends on the distance between Tartu and the destination.

For more information and booking call +372 737 6071 or +372 737 5674 or write to us at or