Educational programmes

Students can participate in educational programmes that take place in the main building of the University of Tartu Museum on Toome Hill. These programmes combine theoretical knowledge with practical activities. The Museum’s programmes complement formal school education and are a good alternative to in-class lessons.

For different age groups we offer:

But that’s not all! You can organise your birthday in the Crazy Scientist’s Office, participate in the Crazy Scientist’s Saturday Morning Science Experiments and learn new things on training days and study camps.

The Museum’s annual exhibition is accompanied by thematic educational programmes which offer a diverse scope of approaches to the topics of the exhibition.

You can visit the permanent and the special exhibitions and go on our guided tours to learn about the history of Toome Hill or the history of the University of Tartu through the centuries or obtain insight into a different topic of interest.

University students can benefit from the Museum’s educational programme as well. First-year students can take a guided tour to learn about how their field of study began and visit the Museum’s collections. For museology and archive students, the Museum is a valuable internship base.

The educational programmes last 60–90 minutes and cost 4-5€ per student .

Educational programmes and guided tours can be arranged on the phone by calling +372 737 5674 or via email