The Crazy Scientist’s Office

Become a friend of science!

The Crazy Scientist’s Office is a thematic activities room that invites both children and adults to discover and become friends with science and research. This fantasy-filled office with exciting mechanical and interactive “toys” is the home and workplace of the Crazy Scientist who is constantly inspired by thousands of new ideas and questions and who diligently tries to find answer to all of them.

The Crazy Scientist is often out of office, either on expeditions or consulting with colleagues, but his office is always open to visitors.

There is always something fun and educational to do in the Crazy Scientist’s Office. You can get your hands on many of the Scientist’s unique gadgets – like the perpetual motion machine and the automaton. Those with more strength can hoist the tackles; those with less can make balls circle around a vertical loop.

Or you can just lie on the pillows in the Crazy Scientist’s Office and watch the sgraffito hanging down from the ceiling, which depict the tricks that the weather plays and the principles of mechanics. Or you can admire the fresco that takes us through the history of flight and teaches us the different types of clouds in the sky. How and why we can see all this in the first place can be explained with the help of what is hidden in the Crazy Scientist’s wall cabinet.

There are also a lot of games in the Crazy Scientist’s Office which you can try out. If you hear a scratching noise don’t be frightened – it’s just the Crazy Scientist’s rats in their cage going about their important business.

The Crazy Scientist’s Office is great for the whole family. An hour here is quality time spent for everyone. The Office is home to all the educational programmes and it’s is a great place for children’s birthday parties.