Temporary exhibitions in the Museum and at Toome Hill

In addition to the unique permanent exhibition, which is displayed on three different floors, the museum gives an opportunity to visit interesting annual exhibition and several smaller temporary exhibitions.

Exhibition “Tartu – Rendezvous of Cultures”

From 28.06.2019 at Toome Hill

In the 19th and 20th century the university brought lecturers and students to Tartu from many European countries, in particular from Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, as well as Armenia, Georgia, Germany and elsewhere. The young people who studied here headed to east and west the knowledge and experiences gained in Tartu under their belts.

A temporary exhibition at Toome Hill, between the west side of the University of Tartu Museum and the Angel’s Bridge, tells a story of 16 remarkable Europeans who have studied or taught in the University of Tartu. Later in life they all have influenced the cultural life or politics of their home country or Estonia or have become world-renowned thanks to their scientific accomplishments.

The stories of the persons portrayed at the exhibition are illustrated by historic photos of places related to them in Tartu.

The exhibition is in Estonian and English.

The outdoor display is a part of the new permanent exhibition of the university’s history that opens in the museum on November 29.

Exhibition team

Curators: Janet Laidla, Lea Leppik and Mariann Raisma

Language editor: Sirje Toomla

Translator: Kristopher Rikken

Designer: Exporabit

The establishment of the exhibition was supported by the European Commission, the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, the Council of Europe, the European Heritage Days and the city of Tartu.

The exhibition has been put together in the framework of the project “Linking home, linking Europe. Virtual map of Europe in Tartu“.

In addition to visiting the exhibition we suggest you to read and explore more on the topic from the website related to it!

Put on Your Thinking Cap! The Hundred Faces of the University of Tartu

“Put on Your Thinking Cap! The Hundred Faces of the University of Tartu” is a photo exhibition dedicated to the centenary of Estonia’s national university. Birgit Püve, one of Estonia’s best-known portrait photographers, has photographed a hundred outstanding university researchers and faculty members with objects that best characterise their relationship with the university or their area of specialisation.

Mariann Raisma, director of the University of Tartu Museum, who’s also behind the idea for the exhibition, said that the project was initiated to record the images of the people who shape the spirit of today’s university for posterity in the form of an art project. “We wanted to portray people from various fields with an artefact, thereby underlining the university’s historical continuity and the connection the person portrayed has with research and science.” Most of the selected objects come from the University of Tartu Museum, but the personal possessions of the subjects have also been used.

The people portrayed at the exhibition include professors emeriti, today’s top scholars, as well as young talented researchers from the university’s four faculties. The difficult decision of who to photograph for the exhibition was made by the faculties themselves. Four rectors of the University of Tartu as well as Tullio Ilomets, who has been instrumental in raising appreciation for the heritage of the University of Tartu, and others who have shaped the image of the university were photographed for the exhibition.

Museum won for the exhibition and album the UMAC Award 2020.

Exhibition team

Photographer: Birgit Püve

Idea: Mariann Raisma

Project managers: Karoliina Kalda, Mariann Raisma, Mairo Rääsk

Graphic designer: Maarja Roosi

Language editor: Anu Lepp

English translation: Juta Ristsoo

Printing: OÜ Digifoto

Thanks to: Peeter Burk, Raul Eamets, Margus Lember, Tanel Nõmmik, Tarmo Rämmi, Andres Soosaar, Margit Sutrop, Maris Tuuling, Mare Isakar, Ivo Paalits, and the Vabamu Museum of Occupations and Freedom

We thank the Cultural Endowment of Estonia for support.

Aarne Maasik’s Photos of Tartu Cathedral

The best photos from the large collection of photographic materials taken for the book Tartu Cathedral. Cathedral. Library. Museum are exhibited in the main stairwell of the museum.

Why display photos of views that everyone can see for themselves at the cathedral? “When we look at something by ourselves we might not perceive or comprehend the whole. The charm of photography is that it communicates things that our eyes may not perceive,“ says Aarne Maasik, the author of the photos. „Another reason why this exhibition is important lies in the cathedral as a structure. The building as a whole is extremely inspiring for a photographer. Although it is the largest medieval church in Estonia, it is still a relatively unknown jewel in the architectural world.”

Arne Maasik is one of the most sought after architectural photographers in Estonia. He has had numerous solo exhibitions in Tallinn, Helsinki, Rome, Venice, Berlin, Moscow and elsewhere. Arne Maasik’s work is characterised by metaphysical undercurrents and muted poetry.

Exhibition team

Photographer: Aarne Maasik

Idea: Mariann Raisma

Project managers: Karoliina Kalda, Mariann Raisma

Exhibition craftsmen: Tanel Nõmmik, Marko Nõmmik

We thank the Cultural Endowment of Estonia