Science Town

Since the summer of 2011, the University of Tartu Museum has helped liven up Tartu’s scientific summer on Toome Hill with Science Town. During Tartu Hanseatic Days, Science Town aims to promote science among the townspeople and guests. This is done through various exciting activities, which instill interest in science in the young and enable adults to get acquainted with both the historical and contemporary achievements of Estonian science.

Fun and captivating programmes, workshops and guided tours are used to introduce the rich heritage of Estonian science and the lives of its researchers. Science Town is made possible through the cooperation of many Estonian museums and researchers from universities and research institutions.

Science Town has two centres on Toome Hill: the surroundings of the Old Observatory and the Museum in the ruins of Tartu Cathedral. Toome stage is situated among the ruins – it is filled with musicians during the day and becomes an outdoor cinema during the night.

For more information and the event calendar check the Hanseatic Days homepage.