About the Museum

Ideas Rule the World – 400 Years of University History

The University of Tartu Museum gives an overview of the history of science and university education from the 17th century to the present day – come and experience the rich legacy of the University and explore its tales of science, art, astronomy, medicine and student life!

The Museum is situated in the centre of Tartu on Toome Hill, the historic heart of both Tartu and the University campus.

The permanent exhibition of the Museum gives an overview of the history of the University of Tartu and science. Each year a new annual exhibition is opened to visitors.

  • The Museum’s White Hall is one of the most prestigious venues in Tartu and invites you to visit its display on the history of the University of Tartu.

  • Morgenstern Hall introduces the history of student organisations and the Museum building.

  • The Treasury is home to the truly rare gems of the University, which have rarely, if ever, been on display.

  • The Crazy Scientist’s Office invites both young and old researchers to take part in its interactive explorations, experiments and construction workshops.

  • The towers of Tartu Cathedral and their viewing platforms are open to visitors from spring to autumn.

The University of Tartu Museum offers numerous activities for different target groups.

In addition to the Museum in Tartu Cathedral, the University of Tartu Museum is housed in many other 19th century university buildings.

  • University of Tartu Art Museum found its home in the prominent main building of the University of Tartu.

  • In the South-West corner of Toome Hill you’ll find the Old Observatory which belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage list.

  • The Old Anatomical Theatre, which was used by the UT Faculty of Medicine till 1999, is situated in the southern edge of Toome Hill (the Old Anatomical Theatre is currently closed due to renovation).

The University of Tartu Natural History Museum and Botanical Gardens also operate alongside the University of Tartu.