Ideas Rule the World – 400 Years of University History

The University of Tartu Museum invites you to broaden your horizons!

  • The Museum in Tartu Cathedral presents Crime and Punishment – an exhibition that focuses on the development of forensic science and the difficulty of passing judgement on the basis of two true events. The display is in English and Estonian. Open until March 3, 2019.

  • The Crazy Scientist’s Office is an engaging activity room that welcomes both children and adults to discover science and research. It is home to all of our educational programmes and a perfect venue for children’s birthday parties.

  • In a whole new programme designed for finnish-speaking schoolgroups and families, the Crazy Scientist’s Finnish great-uncle discovers the secrets of music and flight with children and adults in an engaging way. 

  • Engaging historical tours in Tartu Cathedral can combine educational, engaging, active and fun components. The tours are especially suitable for the final event of a conference. Check out our special offers and prices!

  • Guided tours of Tartu Cathedral and the Cathedral Hill are offered in German, English, Russian, Finnish and Estonian. This is a great way to get acquainted with a unique example of Baltic brick gothic architecture.

  • The Cathedral Shop, on the ground floor of the Museum, offers a rich selection of souvenirs in a renovated shopping space.


University of Tartu Art Museum invites you to discover the Orient!

  • The display Journey to the Orient will offer another perspective to the exhibition Measuring the World. It focuses on the journey of Otto Friedrich von Richter and the fate of his Egyptian collection. Open until May 13, 2017.

  • Guided tours in German, English, Russian, Finnish and Estonian are offered in the main building of Tartu University - a fine example of 19th century architecture. The tours introduce guests to the elegant assembly hall, historical student prison (lock-up) and the colourful museum.

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The University of Tartu Old Observatory invites you to the end of the universe!

  • Guided tours in English, German, Russian and Estonian are offered by the Old Observatory.

  • Planetarium shows are offered in English and Estonian.

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