Ideas Rule the World – 400 Years of University History

The University of Tartu Museum invites you to broaden your horizons!

  • The updated University Treasury and new permanent exhibition on the history of the university "The University of our Lives" are open now.

  • The Crazy Scientist’s Office is an engaging activity room that welcomes both children and adults to discover science and research. It is home to all of our educational programmes and a perfect venue for children’s birthday parties.

  • Engaging historical tours in Tartu Cathedral can combine educational, engaging, active and fun components. The tours are especially suitable for the final event of a conference. Check out our special offers and prices!

  • Guided tours of Tartu Cathedral and the Cathedral Hill are offered in German, English, Russian, Finnish and Estonian. This is a great way to get acquainted with a unique example of Baltic brick gothic architecture.

  • The Cathedral Shop, on the ground floor of the Museum, offers a rich selection of souvenirs in a renovated shopping space.


University of Tartu Art Museum invites you to discover the main building of the university!

  • The University of Tartu Art Museum's permanent exhibition introduces antique art. It includes sculptures – original size plaster cast copies of the greatest works from Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic Greece. The museum exhibits numerous original ancient objects: an Egyptian mummy, coins, vases, clay lamps and cuneiform tablets.

  • Guided tours in German, English, Russian, Finnish and Estonian are offered in the main building of Tartu University - a fine example of 19th century architecture. The tours introduce guests to the elegant assembly hall, historical student prison (lock-up) and the colourful museum.

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The University of Tartu Old Observatory invites you to the end of the universe!

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