Temporary exhibition in the Delta Centre

Photo exhibition “Beautiful Youth”

Photo: National Archives of Estonia

It will be exhibited in 2020 in the foyer of the main building of the University of Tartu and in 2021 in Delta Centre of the University.

Photo exhibition “Beautiful Youth” portrays students of the national university throughout the century.

Curiosity, openness and incisiveness makes anyone look beautiful. This has remained true throughout the past 100 years.

In the photos at the exhibition we see happy and active students, each of whom has left their mark in the story of the university’s development and, in return, received some wisdom to take along on their life’s journey.

When preparing for this exposition, we considered whether there was a so-called average face of a student. And we thought—yes, it is the face of beautiful youth.

Exhibition team: Külli Lupkin, project manager at the University of Tartu Museum, Merike Tamm, designer at the Estonian National Museum, and Kristjan Raba, head of exhibitions at the Estonian National Museum.

The exhibition belonged to the program of centenary celebration National University 100.