Residue of Reality

In the White Hall, visitors could explore the exhibition about the sources of light, unusual everyday items and pieces of furniture made of recycle materials by Ain Toim.

Not the commonest objects had been given rebirth as the glass bidestillator’s boiler’s cooler, the atomic absorption spectrometer’s burner, autoclave’s self-writer, movie projector’s mirror and a lot of similar objects found at an enterprise dealing with energetics.

Ain Toim, an engineer likes to take a deep look at all the things which as for most of us should go to a garbage bin. Often a found object is the first impulse for creating a new object, for the perfection of which he starts to build new parts. The construction and playfulness of the light-sources and light-sculptures gave light to the real interest of the author in the technology where every detail is elaborate and the purpose of his work is not making things quickly and comfortably but passionately.

All the exhibited light sources, items and pieces of furniture had been made during the last 4 years.

Special thanks to Kristiina Ehin for her poetry at the exhibition.