Measuring the World

Exhibition Measuring the World

Measuring the World, an exhibition by the University of Tartu Museum, focuses on the role of the Estonian explorers and discusses their impact on world exploration via modern exhibition techniques. The exhibition introduces different continents and diverse areas from arctic freshness to tropical plenitude. We bring the victories of our heroes back to life and get inspired by their experiences. The exhibition moves the boundaries of a journey full of losses, survivals, victories and discoveries. The contribution of the Estonian scientists and explorers in revealing the different layers of the world is remarkable.

Curators: Karoliina Kalda, Terje Lõbu, Paula Põder, Mairo Rääsk

Designer: Liina Unt (Chief Scenographer of Endla Theatre)

Texts: Mihkel Seeder (Dramatist of VAT Theatre)

Consultants: Kaija-Liisa Koovit, Lea Leppik, Erki Tammiksaar