The University of Tartu Museum main building 17 May 2019– 29 November 2020

The University of Tartu Museum’s annual exhibition explores events since the year 1920 that have influenced the Estonian state and university. The exhibition highlights the development of our national thought and its ideals through the institution of our national university in the context of ground breaking events, including failures and disappointments.

The establishment of the Estonian national university has had and still has a major influence on the welfare of the Estonian state and society, in fact a greater and deeper impact than it may seem at first glance. During the past century the development of the Estonian state and society has always been deeply connected with the destiny of the national university. The previous century, which was full of difficulties and contradictions, directed and forced the Estonian university to constantly search for new ideals owing to many interruptions and new beginnings. Most of these quests never came to fruition, but the ideals have a perceptible influence even today.

The main topic of each decade—be it women’s rights, free thought, tolerance, social expectations regarding the university or the concept of mass university—are presented with the help of specific phenomena, events or people at the exhibition. Events are viewed in a rich context of connections on various levels, including through confrontations and controversies. The exhibition searches for answers to issues that are important and perhaps even uncomfortable for the university and Estonia through intriguing approaches that aim to start a discussion and invite visitors to join in.

The annual exhibition of the University of Tartu Museum belongs to the programs of centenary celebrations National University 100 and Estonia 100.

Project manager: Mairo Rääsk

Curators: Mairo Rääsk, Mariliis Hämäläinen

Designer: Evelin Urm

Exhibition’s advertising image: Gabriela Liivamägi

Exhibition craftsmen: Tanel Nõmmik, Marko Nõmmik, Martin Rattus, Sirje Rump

Editor: Marika Kullamaa

Translations: OÜ Scriba (English), Oksana Palikova (Russian)

Exhibition team: Külli Lupkin, Virge Lell, Maris Tuuling, Aile Tammiste, Karoliina Kalda, Paula Põder, Piret Tamm

Special solutions for the exhibition:

- audio and video programmes: Alar Suija, OÜ Zed, UT multimedia service

- mural, drawings and dolls: Marcus Arula and Ingrid Tammela

- virtual reality, animations: OÜ BlueRay

Realisation of exhibition: Ruut Disain OÜ

Educational programmes: Tiiu Kreegipuu

Visitor programmes: Külli Lupkin, Paula Põder

Thank you: Heldin Allik, Ken Arula, Olga Einasto, Malle Ermel, Maila Jürgenson, Kalev Kaarna, Maire Kaarna, Joonas Kirsipuu, Jüri Kosenkranius, Edgar Krull, Ahto Külvet, Liisi Lembinen, Djuddah Leijen, Äli Leijen, Külli Lupkin, Krista Mõts, Ahto Nikkinen, Marko Nõmmik, Kerttu Palginõmm, Oksana Palikova, Erkki Peetsalu, Toomas Petersell, Ain Raal, Pille Taba, Risto Sarv, Janno Visnap, Estonian Literary Museum, Estonian National Museum, National Archives of Estonia, Estonian Sports and Olympic Museum, Estonia 100 organising committee, Government Office, Põlva Consumer Association, UT institutes, UT multimedia service, UT Library, Tartu Uus Teater

Materials from the archives of the Estonian Literary Museum, National Archives of Estonia, Estonian Public Broadcasting, Estonian Sports and Olympic Museum, University of Tartu multimedia service, University of Tartu Museum (TÜM), University of Tartu Library and private collections are displayed at the exhibition.