Design competition for the lighting of Tartu Cathedral

University of Tartu Museum calls all lighting designers and artists to participate in a design competition for the lighting of Tartu Cathedral.

The aim of the design competition is to find the perfect lighting design for the Tartu Cathedral.

The finished lighting design of the Tartu Cathedral must include two layers of lighting, the proposals of which must be clearly distinguishable:

  1. Decorative design lighting that brings forth the architecture (both in general and in details) of the Tartu Cathedral.

  2. Artistic lighting solution for special events like the opening event of the lighting design, anniversaries and holidays of the University of Tartu and the Republic of Estonia etc. This lighting layer must be of high artistic quality and view the cathedral as material for a lighting artwork.

The design competition is organized in two phases. In the first phase, all interested parties will submit the necessary documents to show interest in participating in the open call. The aim of the first phase is to identify the participants whose previous professional experience and approaches are best suited for working on the competition entry.

The participating teams must include a lighting designer and/or lighting engineer who has a document certifying relevant education or is a member of the Estonian Association of Lighting Designers or another international professional body (e.g., IALD). Other team members may be architects, designers, electrical engineers, lighting manufacturers or their representatives. The deadline for submitting necessary documents to participate in the open call is 27 May 2022.

At the end of the first phase, a proposal to submit a competition entry will be made to up to three participants, selected based on the submitted portfolios and team CVs from the first phase.

In the second phase the jury will judge the competition entry and select the winning entry. The deadline for submitting the design is 31 October 2022. 

All participants of the second phase, who submit a competition entry that includes all the necessary parts described in chapter 5 will receive a prize:

1st place – € 8.000

2nd and 3rd places - € 6.000 (each)

Prizes include VAT. After the winning entry has been selected by the jury, the winner will be awarded a sketch project contract in the sum of €25.000.

Look for more detailed information on the design competition from the file.

You can find asked and answered questions here.

Lighting of the Tartu Cathedral is part of a project called Toomemägi Revisited, which is organized by the University of Tartu Museum and is part of the official programme for the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024. You can find more information about the project here.