Cathedral's Chamber of Mysteries

The Cathedral’s Chamber of Mysteries is opened on the sixth floor of the museum, introducing the history of the medieval cathedral and, more generally, of Tartu.

The cathedral is the oldest building in Tartu, and thus there is much about its history that neither its walls, old records nor people can remember any more. There are still unanswered questions concerning the life and the shape of the cathedral, as well as various interpretations.

“The cathedral is, in both content and form, one of the most powerful symbols of Tartu and our great interest in its history led us to design a separate room where you can discover the story of both the cathedral and, more generally, Tartu. For example, at the exhibition it is possible to watch an animation of how the church was built. And we leave it to the visitors find out whether they will finally know the height of the cathedral towers in the Middle Ages,” said curator Mariann Raisma.

The Cathedral’s Chamber of Mysteries offers possible answers to seven questions. In a magical and playful environment, visitors can also think about what the cathedral might have looked like in the Middle Ages, where Tartu's most important relic disappeared, why a decapitated man was buried in the church, and why Peter and Paul are the patron saints of the cathedral.

In the chamber, it is possible to build a medieval town, listen to prayers in Latin and legends of the cathedral in the confession booth, study authentic finds from the cathedral and take a virtual reality tour of the 500-year-old church.