Guided tours

The Old Anatomical Theatre

As of 1 May 2017, the University of Tartu Museum offers tours of the newly renovated lecture theatre of the Old Anatomical Theatre. This is the oldest building of the historical university ensemble—a pearl of classicist architecture. We invite you to learn about the birthplace of Estonian medical science where world-renowned names of the medical world have studied and taught. The entertaining tour introduces the authentic 19th century interior of the lecture theatre and offers a closer look at famous medical inventions.

Note! We offer tours of the Old Anatomical Theatre only to pre-booked groups.


The University of Tartu Museum offers tours of Toome Hill, one of Tartu’s symbolic landmarks. The tour introduces the different layers, landmark buildings and monuments of Toome Hill.

The tours are available in Estonian, Russian, English, Finnish or German.

The tour is followed by a visit to one of Tartu’s symbolic buildings:

1. MEDIEVAL TARTU. The towers of Tartu Cathedral and the burial chamber.

Tartu Cathedral with its two towers is the finest example of Brick Gothic architecture in the Baltics and the burial chamber here is the only medieval burial chamber open to the public in Estonia. The Cathedral towers offer a wonderful view of the Dome Cathedral’s ruins, Toome Hill and Tartu city centre.

2. SCIENTIFIC CENTRE TARTU. Tartu Old Observatory.

The Old Observatory is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Its most significant exhibit is the world-famous Fraunhofer Refractor. In addition to the precious collections of scientific equipment and the interactive screens, the Old Observatory tower offers a wonderful green view of Tartu.

3. UNIVERSITY TOWN TARTU. University of Tartu main building and the historical lock-up.

The main building of the University of Tartu is a symbol of the town. The tour will take us through the most prestigious venue in Tartu, the University assembly hall, where countless world-renowned scientists and researchers have given speeches in the span of two hundred years. You will also have a chance to visit the historical lock-up which introduces student life in the 19th century.


A thematic tour of the University of Tartu Museum’s main exhibition and a look into the University and its history of science.

From May to October it is also possible to visit the towers of Tartu Cathedral.

The tour is available in Estonian, Russian, English, Finnish or German.

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