Welcome to the Museum!

The University of Tartu Museum invites you to broaden your horizons!

  • The permanent exhibition of the University of Tartu Museum introduces the history of the university and its academic heritage as well as the history of the medieval Cathedral as a sacral building and later as a house of wisdom.

  • Museum's new annual exhibition, "Measuring the World" focuses on the contribution and role of 6 world explorers with Estonian roots. It takes visitors to a journey from the Arctic to the Middle East and from the islands in the Pacific Ocean to Africa. The exhibition is open until February 2017.

  • Visit the Crazy Scientist’s Office, an engaging activity room that welcomes both children and adults to discover and become friends with science and research. It is home to all of our educational programmes and a perfect venue for children’s birthday parties.

  • For the first time ever, the attic of the Cathedral is accessible to the public. It will serve as a base for "Children and War. 1941-1944" - a joint exhibition by the Estonian History Museum and Tartu Toy Museum. Through childhood memories, this exhibition opens up the lives of five children during the World War II. 

  • Explore the history of the university and the medieval Cathedral, beautiful Toome Hill and stories of student life via engaging historical tours and guided tours.


Fun facts about the Museum