Welcome to the Museum!

The University of Tartu Museum invites you to broaden your horizons! Explore our unique permanent exhibition and new annual exhibition "Measuring the World", visit the Cathedral towers and the Crazy Scientist's Office.

The University of Tartu Museum

The University of Tartu Museum gives an overview of the history of science and university education from the 17th century to the present day – come and experience the rich legacy of the University and explore its tales of science, art, astronomy, medicine and student life!

Cathedral Shop

Step inside the museum shop "Cathedral Shop" on the first floor and find books and films on the tales of Toome Hill as well as the historical and contemporary scientific achievements of the University of Tartu and the deeds of famous professors, souvenirs, jewellery and a much more.



The Treasury is home to numerous valuables that have played an important role in the history of the University. Some objects are valuable due to the ideas that they carry, others for their extraordinaire, age, innovative nature or cultural-historical background.